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What are the reviews of the customers after eating at PHO TOWN 2 - Vietnamese restaurant 77429

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The emotions, the reviews...of the customers are very important to each of the staff at PHO TOWN 2 . Let's see whether they like or dislike our food and services - Vietnamese restaurant 77429

PHO TOWN 2 - Vietnamese Restaurant Coles Crossing South Cypress TX 77429

" I have tried many Vietnamese restaurants before but nowhere else can defeat the Pho broth and vermicelli of this restaurant. Super highly recommended this Vietnamese restaurant to everyone!  "

(5/5 stars -  Wie Ng)

" I really love the food they have, the pho is really tasty. Service is attentive. Small place with music perfect to come for lunch or dinner. Not just me only, the place is one of my family favorite place to go to for dinner. Even a picky eater like me enjoy the food more than I thought I would. "

(5/5 stars - Phuong Phuong tn)

" I ordered via Uber eats so I can’t speak for the atmosphere but the food and the way it was packaged for transportation was fantastic. I had just gotten my covid booster and was feeling a little gross so I ordered my comfort food, chicken pho & a sprite. So good. Nothing spilled during delivery because the packaging was so good. They even gave me a cup with ice for my sprite. Amazing. "

(5/5 stars - Elizabeth Slone)

" Be careful if you are vegan! Ordered the orange tofu rice off of the vegan menu and the tofu was AMAZING (the best tofu ever) but the rice had egg in it which I am unable to eat. It made me not trust the “vegan” egg rolls so I gave them away. I was able to eat the tofu vermicelli instead & which was pretty good. "

(5/5 stars - Allison Miller)

I really dig this place and it's a convenient stop from work. The house iced tea which is Jasmine is really good. I try to hit the lunch special and get the spring roll and when the peanut sauce was served warm lately it was pretty over the top. It's the little things. My wife is less than impressed and the tendon that they serve me was undercooked and kind of chunky in my pho but all in all it's really good and pretty clean. I like to come here a lot."

(5/5 stars - ANTHEM)

" The best Pho in the area!! Comes out hot enough to cook the meat. Broth is so good. Bone marrow soup is so delicious.
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(5/5 stars -  
Chris P)

What an amazing place to open up on 290! I like pho to start with and have been sampling different venues. It's all down to the chili oil, peanut spread, quality of meat, and a few other things. Chili oil = hint of texas chili to the spice. It has the vietnamese structure with a bit of texas flair Peanut spread = was told by an asian friend that over there this is a big quality differentiator. He said this stuff was amazing and that it's like peanut butter for the record. I validate this claim with my personal observations. Meat quality = I am Italian and the vietnamese are actually very fond of high quality steak. It comes down to how the meat is sliced even to help the flavor of pho... razor thin which is perfect for the soup. They have been sorting out sizing and show of the food, one suggestion... serve the spring rolls with one cut open to show quality. The peanut sauce is superb. Just absolutely amazing. They are going to end up with a lot of my money. Pho is healthy. It's an excellent post workout meal because its low in fat and high in sodium to replenish from sweating. "

(5/5 stars -  
Nick Trapani)

Outstanding Pho! My wife and I always get the C1, a H2 banh mi sandwich and 2 shrimp spring rolls. They are delicious and among the best Pho we've tried in the Cypress area. Just really good food and whenever we're there it seems like there's a pretty good crowd too. They must be doing something right! Wait staff and service is also pretty good but this review is mostly about the yummy food! "

(5/5 stars - 
Travis Stein)

Really flavorful pho broth. The pho broth is much darker than most in the area and is very flavorful. I always get beef broth even if I order chicken meat with it. Sometimes the chicken pho has marinated thigh meat and sometimes it is boiled chicken breasts. Both are very good! Pro tip: Call and place the order from them directly. Placing it through doordash to pick up make the pho $15 for a large while its $11 from them directly. "

(5/5 stars - Katie Richardson)

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